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Contact Us. We are looking for the perfect stores to go with our unique collection. Do you know of a great store or dog boutique that we should sniff out? Send them our way. We'll handle the rest.

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Do you have a dog related service or store? A "one-of-a-kind" curation of humorous and whimsical pieces? Is it time for something new in the shop? We have Prints, magnets, and notecards of all sizes, breeds and colors... Packed, Labeled, and ready to sell. Complete with barcodes for easy inventory management and entry into your POS system.

We are only just getting started with our collection of "Dogs bred for laughter" by Laura Bergsma. There are many more on the way as she follows her mission to capture the innate personality of each breed. Please contact us and we can send you a wholesale price list and catalog.